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When do you know you have photography under your skin?

1. When you see the place you have been to through the camera lens and subsequently through the pictures you have made and you wonder if you actually took the photos because you don't actually remember the place.
2. When you plan your next vacation according to the places you want to take pictures of and not whether you'll be able to relax there.
3. When you see someone's picture on Facebook, Instagram (you name it) you start thinking about lighting and focus instead of how they actually look.
4. When you start grumbling the moment you see someone walking towards the thing you want to take picture of or when someone takes the camera away (normally to take a picture of you).
5. When you realize that the cloth you use to clean your lenses is way cleaner than the actual cloth meant to clean your glasses. 

Image taken from www.photography-cameras.org
6. When you have nothing against going somewhere in 37 degrees Celsius at noon just to get the right light.
7. When you take 2000 pictures and you yourself appear in no more than 30 of them.
8. When rainy clouds start meaning amazing pics for you. 
9. When you get annoyed by the lame pictures you see on the postcards in the bookstore. 
10. When you start getting more tan on the beach with camera in hand than actually sunbathing.
Image taken from www.brunch.co.kr
11. When all your hand luggage limit gets filled by camera gear. 
12. When you are able to spend more than 3 hours photographing a single strawberry and less than 5 minutes talking about anything that is not photography. 
13. When you start spending more time reading and/or practicing photography than actually talking to your family/ friends.
14. When you make your loved ones visit a place twice because you couldn't take the picture you wanted the first time.
15. When you feel the urge to photograph ANYTHING (from rocks to flowers and garbage)
17. That one is for girls only :When you don't have a lipstick but you have 5 filters and a remote trigger in your purse.
18. When you don't care about the way you actually look - how sweaty, baggy or dirty you look at the moment as long as you take the shot you want. 
Image taken from www.tofurious.com
19. When you normally can't climb a two-meter ladder to change the light bulb but you willingly hang out of a rickety 50-meter metal bridge just for the sake of taking that iconic picture. 
20.  When the first thing you cover when it rains is not your head but the lens.
21. When your definition of an informative conversation includes at least 5 photo techniques and as much camera gear specs. 
22. You were so immersed in reading this that you didn't even notice that the number 16 is missing. 

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