сряда, 30 януари 2019 г.

Week 4 - themes

Here are the topics for week 4 - all of them exciting:
a) the colour BLUE
b) city lights
c) from a high angle

Week 3 - result

What does a photographer do when there's a bunch of stuff to write? Right, stupid things - in my case, it's editing the photos from week 3.

I chose two topics - bottoms up and guilty pleasure and here are the results.

"Bottoms up" is a still life of empty cups, and "guilty pleasure" ( I was tempted to publish only one pic - the one with the cups) is the eating of dried sausages, famous all over the Balkans with the name 'lukanka' or 'lukanika'. It is made out of various types of meat and spices and then put to dry and eaten as a side dish with bread and alcoholic beverages such as 'rakiya'. I love lukanka. A lot. So I decided to make a tasty shot of my favorite appetizer.

понеделник, 21 януари 2019 г.

Week 3 - topics

Due to brutally awful Internet connection these days (of which fans from Bulgaria are already aware and had the chance to laugh a lot), I can upload the topics for this week only now.

Week 3:
a) the colour RED
b) drink up
c) guilty pleasure

The pictures from last week - later today.

Week 2 - result

I'm starting with the photos from the second (the week before the last, i.e. week 2 of the challenge) - I had awful connection problems within the past three weeks.

Because of that, the fans from Bulgaria were able to enjoy some funny texts about me being without Internet connection AND the whole story with the technicians. This, on the other hand, gave rise to a collection of really short funny stories BUT that is a topic for a different post.

Contrary to my desire to do more than one shot a week, it turned out that it wouldn't word and that's why the only topic that worked was the morning one.

This is the sunrise I see from my window.

Week 2 - themes

Week 2 of the challenge is live and here are the themes :)

a) Morning

b) Made with love

c) Clouds

I don't know about you but this sounds a lot easier than the previous topics.

Looking forward to seeing your amazing images.

Wishing you a week full of inspiration.

Week 1 - result

As I guessed, I couldn't create a decent photo of myself (guess that's the curse of being a photographer), I settled for option C - a new beginning. Didn't exactly have a clear idea but my first association was a blank page, a new chapter on the book. Hence I created this simple still life. It is a cliche, I know BUT since I am a writer too (no, seriously here - writing fan fiction and blog posts also counts) to me the beginning of any text is something almost magical - you need a lot of inspiration and it is wonderful to see how the blank page is filled with letters that form a story, a new world for those who would read it.

Of course, I don't write on paper now (people have invented Microsoft Office, after all) but when I was younger, I used to do so.

четвъртък, 3 януари 2019 г.

12 myths about photography myth 12

There we came to the last episode of the 12 myths about photography series. It tackles a tricky topic - the photographic guild and how unwelcoming they arctually are.

If you want to be a professional, you have to earn your place there, to be acknowledged as equal by the others.

This is the last video from the series BUT don't worry - I have another series set up to launch shortly - you saw some of them already. This time we will talk about the stories behind the shot and some rules in travel photography (what I do most of the time).

In the meantime, some videos from the Culture Crossroads project will launch soon so stay tuned :)