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A day in the life of a photographer on location...

Courtesy to videohive.net

Hello everyone,It's been a while but yesterday I had some inspiration and I decided to write something that would be fun to read. I want to share with you what goes on in the head of a photographer while on location - I mean the average travel photographer, not the dedicated landscaper. Imagine it is a diary - hour by hour.

  • 5 am/ 7 am - getting up
Oh, I hate getting up! 
Second thought: Oh, I had to shoot X - landscape today!
Jumps out of bed.
Courtesy to Thomas Heaton/REX, Shutterstock 
  • 8 am - on location X 
Oh, it's cold/ hot here... I hate it but I have to get that shot of X! 
Starts shooting.
5 minutes later - Realizes that the lens ON camera is not the one needed.
20 minutes later - Lens is in place BUT the white balance/ ISO/ aperture is not right.
10 minutes later - All set and then the WAITING BEGINS - for the sky to clear, God to descend from Heaven or any other natural or supernatural phenomena...

  • 9.45 - something interesting happens - starts shooting

Actual shooting time - from 10 second to 10 minutes.
Actual time spent - 2 hours+

  • 11 am - on the way to the hotel/ camping/ whatever
I'm hungry, I MUST get some food. 
Second thought: Let's get the tripod/ lens/ bag cleaned first. 
  • 12 pm
OK, I'm famished! Food - here I come!!!
Goes to the nearest restaurant.
Second thought: Realizes that looks like a brigand/ homeless/ gypsy and goes back to make oneself presentable. 
  • 12.30 pm - lunch time
OK, that one looks nice on the menu... Oh, LOOK! Which idiot took that picture, He should get sued for that! And who wrote that? It's not in English, that's for sure...
Image taken from www.independent.co.uk
10 minutes later... - Ordered, waiting for food to arrive.
Another 10 minutes later...- salad arrives. 
Oh, it's so beautiful and tasty... takes the fork.
Second thought: NO, I MUST photograph it! Takes out camera/ phone/ compact camera - whichever is available at the moment and doesn't look like the Terminator to the other guests and starts shooting.

30 minutes later - main course arrives. Salad still gets photographed.
Oh, I forgot I am hungry! Let's eat! 
Eats salad - it's cold and old but too hungry to think. 
15 minutes later - sees that main course is here.
Oh, I have to eat! 
Second thought: Let's photograph that too, for TripAdvisor! 

  • around 14.30 pm
Main course still gets photographed. 
Second thought: Oh, I have to be at Y at 15.00 because light is perfect then!!!
Devours food AND dessert, pays the bill and leaves in haste. 
Image taken from Travel | Corbis Images Blog blog.corbis.com 
  • 15.00 pm - location Y
Shopping...well, actually photo -shopping :) 
Items bought: 3 
Reason: Ideal for props 
Total number of shots taken: 473
Reason: It's amazing here!!!
3 hours later... My feet hurt! I am tired and want to go to bed! 
Second thought: Wait!!! Sunset is in an hour! Let's go find a good vantage point!
Image taken from www.magic4walls.com
  • 19.00 pm - Sunset time - location Z
Tripod - on, right lens - on, right settings - engaged. 
Actual shooting time: 30 minutes
Actual preparation time: 1 hour
Number of shots taken: 30 (depending on weather conditions)
  • 20.00 pm - back at the hotel/whatever
Oh. I want to sleep, damn it!!! 
Second thought: No. I'll take a shower first...

  • 20.30 - 21.00 pm (depending on location)
OK, sleep will wait. I need food. NOW!
  • 21.15 pm - at a restaurant
Orders food - no fussing about this time - too hungry to be critical. 
  • 22.00 pm
Food - devoured.
Number of shots taken: 2-10 (depending on how hungry the photographer is)
  • 22.30 pm
OK, now is time to take a tour of the surroundings. 
  • 22.45 pm
Notices amazing reflections/ scenery/ whatever. Starts shooting. 
  • 23.00 pm
I feel like James Bond/ Indiana Jones here! So many new things...
Second thought: Too late to be out with equipment. Looks around. There are all kind of people around here. 
No matter what - keeps shooting for another half an hour. 
Image taken from pixgood.com
  • 23.30 -24.00 pm - back at the hotel/whatever
Oh, God! I do need rest!!!
Second thought: Let's see what's the view from the terrace/ window at night!
  • 24.01 am - the terrace/window
Wonderful view!!! Let's capture it!
Gets tripod out, puts half the batteries to charge. 
15 minutes later...
Number of shots taken: 3-5
Number of settings changed: 10
OK, now we're all set! Let's wait for that car/moon/ cloud to move in/ out of the way...
  • 2.00 am - still there...
OK, now I MUST go to sleep...THAT is the last shot for tonight. I MEAN IT! 
Second thought: Oh, that moved! Let's see what happens...
  • 2.30 am - still at the terrace/window...
OK, that's it!!! ENOUGH! 
Shuts camera down. collects all gear, puts the other half of the batteries to charge. 
I'm going to sleep - NOW!!!
  • 3.00 am - in bed, thinking...
Oh, I do love sleep...
Second thought: But I love more location H, I'm gonna shoot tomorrow...

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