вторник, 30 октомври 2018 г.

12 myths about photography - myth 7

It is again a Tuesday and the time has come for the new episode of the 12 myths about photography series.

This time, we are going to talk about post-processing. There is no other topic that has sparked more discussion in the photograpic world than Photoshop and its use. You either love it or you simply hate it :) In this video I will blow away the myth that Photoshop is almighty. It can do a lot of things but it can hardly ever turn a crappy image into a masterpiece. More likely the total opposite.

Photoshop is only a tool that can help us create a better image but not something that alone creates images :) Feeling intrigued?

Then check out the video (towards the middle) to see to what extent images can be saved and how much I sometimes use Photoshop in my work :)

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