сряда, 2 януари 2019 г.

2019 plans

Hello, hello everyone!
I promised an explanation post and here it is:

The beginning of the new year is a perfect moment to share my plans for the next 12 months to come.

2019 seems to be full of emotions and new projects that I will share with you when the time comes. Naturally Culture Crossroads continues to gain momentum and through the new 2019 there will be many new images and more videos. About that, a little later.

The first and biggest of the new projects I am undertaking is my own modification of the 365-Day Photography Challenge. Since I doubt I can take pictures absolutely every single day of the new year, I did something different.

There is another option of the photo challenge where you should take one pic per week, a total of 52. However, this has seen too little, so I created 52-week triple challenge.

The idea is that every week there will be three alternative topics and depending on my shedule there will be between one and three photos per week (concerning that challenge, I mean).

The list of topics can be downloaded from my website, in case anyone wants to join :) (will let you know when the content is live on my site and blog) and at the beginning of every week I will announce the topics here so whoever wishes to can share their images in a comment under the post. Photos will also be published on my blog and Instagram.

Another change is that on the Culture Crossroads project page there will be more photos and videos - both videos from places I visited and behind-the-scenes footage. To keep track of that, however, you will have to follow the project page and my YouTube channel.

This page there will also be loaded with a new series of videos, this time for the fieldwork in travel photography, as this genre takes a huge part of my time hence I claim to have some expertise there. As usual, there videos in both Bulgarian and English :) I hope you'll like it :)

The second project is linked to the subway series of Dmitry Glukhovsky (Metro 2033, Metro 2034 and Metro 2035, in case anyone is interested). But for when it starts. There will be a lot of pictures again and a lot of fieldwork.

Finally, I am currently developing a mini photo project that is directly linked to shooting places from old photos. The Target? Old Sofia. Expect video presentation of the project as soon as possible!

I wish all of you a 2019 filled with much success health and smiles!

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