понеделник, 21 януари 2019 г.

Week 1 - result

As I guessed, I couldn't create a decent photo of myself (guess that's the curse of being a photographer), I settled for option C - a new beginning. Didn't exactly have a clear idea but my first association was a blank page, a new chapter on the book. Hence I created this simple still life. It is a cliche, I know BUT since I am a writer too (no, seriously here - writing fan fiction and blog posts also counts) to me the beginning of any text is something almost magical - you need a lot of inspiration and it is wonderful to see how the blank page is filled with letters that form a story, a new world for those who would read it.

Of course, I don't write on paper now (people have invented Microsoft Office, after all) but when I was younger, I used to do so.

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