сряда, 30 януари 2019 г.

Week 3 - result

What does a photographer do when there's a bunch of stuff to write? Right, stupid things - in my case, it's editing the photos from week 3.

I chose two topics - bottoms up and guilty pleasure and here are the results.

"Bottoms up" is a still life of empty cups, and "guilty pleasure" ( I was tempted to publish only one pic - the one with the cups) is the eating of dried sausages, famous all over the Balkans with the name 'lukanka' or 'lukanika'. It is made out of various types of meat and spices and then put to dry and eaten as a side dish with bread and alcoholic beverages such as 'rakiya'. I love lukanka. A lot. So I decided to make a tasty shot of my favorite appetizer.

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