сряда, 2 януари 2019 г.

52-week triple challenge

Hello, hello everyone!
The new year is already here and for starters I would like to thank everyone for continuing to follow me on my journey in the world of photography!
Don't worry, this blog is far from dead! I will revive it within the upcoming weeks, I promise :)
I have some exciting new plans for 2019 (that will be in a follow-up post, though). This one is for another purpose. 

Welcome to my own modification of the 365-Day Photography Challenge! 

The idea is that every week there will be three alternative topics and depending on my schedule there will be between one and three photos per week. Created this since I thought that the 365-day photo challenge will be too tough whereas the simple 52-week challenge will be too easy. Hence

The list of topics can be downloaded as a PDF file, in case anyone wants to join :) (will let you know when the content is live on my site and blog) and at the beginning of every week I will announce the topics here so whoever wishes to can share their images in a comment under the post. Photos will also be published on my blog and Instagram.

Interested and want to give it a try?

Then go to the dedicated page (link for convenience) to download the list :) 

Will keep you updated about the progress both here and on my social media accounts :) so stay tuned :) 

Wishing you a wonderful New 2019! 

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