Shoot Like a Pro - Advanced Edition

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Shoot Like a Pro - Advanced Edition!

If you are here that means that whatever you saw in the regular edition wasn't good enough for you. You already know that stuff and want to know more about photography. But not the beginners' level, you need some challenge and new information.

That's why I created this section - in order to be able to caver topics that would be too difficult/ uninteresting/ not useful enough for beginners. What's the use of reading how to shoot in low light when you're gonna need a whole lot of gear you don't currently have and/can't afford at present? That only makes people angry and de-motivates quite a lot of them. It's like watching a pro driver and longing to be like them but at the same time you still struggle when you change gears. 

Anyone is welcome here but, please - if you can't make much sense of what I have written here - go back to 
You will need to learn the basics first BEFORE you start dealing with complicated things. However, we all learn at a different pace so...If you still think you're gonna make it and want to test yourself - give it a try!

OK, so how is this thing going to work?

Unlike other sections of the blog where you generally read my 'wise' thoughts on a subject or about a place I've been to or how to cook a dish, here you wont be the passive reader.

PHOTOGRAPHY IS AS MUCH A CRAFT AS IT IS AN ART! You need to learn the craft first BEFORE (well, normally) you get to the super artsy part - after all, you should know which rule you break in order to be able to achieve a similar effect some other time. 
So at the end of each article/post I will leave you some homework to do. You can tell me how well you did in a comment below the post - send a picture, leave a comment or tell me what else do you want to try/learn. It's up to you to do it - you can only read without doing anything - choice is yours.

So here I will try to show you some advanced techniques and some tricks of how to achieve a similar effect without having to rob a bank to buy the necessary equipment. Photography is indeed an expensive hobby but who says that you need some 3000 pounds/dollars (name the currency) to buy a pro lens and shoot the perfect landscape? 
Take a look of the picture below and guess how it was made.

If you think it was shot with a special macro macro lens and a camera, you are mistaken. I took the picture with - a phone! So much for the expensive equipment! I will keep repeating that the gear does not make the photographer - it can only help... a bit. 

So for now I will quit the talk and show you what I have done so far:

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