VIDA Voices Collection

Now, just before Christmas, I'm happy to announce that my VIDA collection is live. :-D 

What is VIDA?

When I got the invite to become part of the VIDA project, I thought it was spam. Then, when I saw that it's real, I was totally into the idea.

VIDA helps artists from all over the world turn their artwork, as long as it is in digital format, into items of clothing or home accessories. All items are produced in countries where work is hard to come by so that way VIDA (and all of us who participate - either by contributing or buying the items) help people get a decent job. The best thing of all is that part of the price is each item goes for education of the people who made it - that way they have both a job and an opportunity for better future. It's a win-win situation.

My VIDA voices collection
It took almost six months of creating, thinking over, polishing the look and figuring out a way to show the world that I'm part of the project and now you can enjoy my images not only on your wall but also as a scarf or cushion (collection will get bigger in time).
I'm posting a few collages showing how the image gets transformed into something else. 
To see the rest of the collection - click on the link.

P.S. Discounts are almost constant on VIDA, and I'll try to upload new information from time to time. On this page you'll find the posts where I'll announce the newest discounts on the collection items.

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